Montreal Reading Week 2015: The City That Stole and Softened My Heart

Hi all!

In this blog post I am going to be sharing about my missions trip to Montreal, Quebec over Reading Week. I went through an organization called Power to Change; this was my first missions trip so everything was new to me, especially sharing the gospel with students. I had a really rough week at school before I went to Montreal so this not only was a missions trip but also a retreat. I was ready for God to work in me and give me a new sense of encouragement. He did nothing short of that and much more.

I worked with a team of fellow Ontario students to share the gospel at Champlain College. I had shared the gospel before, quite a few times actually, but it was different because I’d shared the gospel with campers, and that’s different from sharing the gospel with Cegep students. Cegeps are schools between high school and university, so the students are at an age of beginning to discover who they are and what they are living for. What we used to start conversations with the students was this awesome evangelism tool called “Perspectives”. “Perspectives” are basically categories with different concepts such as human nature, source of spiritual truth and and nature of God. Students would select their perspectives in each category and we would discuss why they chose those perspectives. Some of the discussions were awesome! I had incredible conversations with  students who are from diverse backgrounds including a couple of Muslims girls who were curious and open to learning about Christianity, students who really thought about what they believe in, and of course students who had put walls up. One conversation in particular really stood out to me.

It was the second day on the campus and I was at the booth and I felt God lead me to talk to a group of 5 students all at the same time. I looked over to see if anyone else from my team would want to join me since it was a small group but all of them were either in the cafeteria or with another student. So I took a deep breath, asked God to provide me the wisdom and the Holy Spirit to work in these 5 students. They were all ready to give and have their opinions heard and they definitely used the fact that I’m not a French-speaker to their advantage. They did most of the talking but I got to witness a pretty sweet moment. Two of the guys in the group who were very outspoken about their belief in Atheism allowed me to talk about how as I Christian have a relationship with God. I told this group that being “religious” isn’t the important part; what’s important is having a relationship with our Creator, Heavenly Father and a loving God. That’s  the real deal. Being a Communication student I like to notice people’s body language. One of the guys had his arms wrapped tightly around his chest and an unimpressed look on his face. As I spoke, his arms loosened, he nodded when I made eye contact with him, and his facial expression softened. He didn’t completely loosen up, but there was something there; something had clicked. All I told those students was how much God loves us and wants to have a relationship with us. But clearly the Holy Spirit had stirred something in that young man, I could not have done that by myself; that is the power of God.

We as Christians are called to share the amazing news that our God is alive and living in us, and that he wants us to be with him for eternity. We can only do that if we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us and in whoever we are sharing with.  We can talk about our passion for Christ until our faces turn blue, but ultimately it’s the Holy Spirit that sparks interest. To be able to witness and observe the Holy Spirit’s being presence in the conversations that our team had with the students was very humbling to experience.

The spiritual experience was incredible and the community that was built with the team, staff and the Christian students from Montreal was beautiful. The friends I made and the people I met at a conference In December were a huge part of the trip; we laughed together, served together, worshiped together, encouraged each other, got lost together and even ended up on top of Mount Royal by accident (long story), I would never trade this experience for anything.

(Picture of the team at the top of Mount Royal is below)


So, you’re probably sitting there thinking:  “Should I go on a missions trip?”

Yes, you should. But wait until God calls you to do so. Don’t forget that people in your own community need to hear the gospel as well!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope that this has inspired you to serve our Creator.

Take care,


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