About Abby

Hi everyone!

My name is Abby and welcome to my blog 🙂

I’m just a public relations and communications professional in Canada who wants to live her life through Jesus Christ. I am a daughter, friend, lover of learning, music, writing, creating, photography, watching documentaries, the great outdoors, tea and life. I love meeting new people, talking, baking and laughing. We’ll see where God leads me, you never know what will unfold!

I believe God gave me this gift to communicate, and this is just another platform on how he is using me to glorify him. This is my space where I write what I feel and I hope one way or another, brings glory to God, and that it would inspire you.

I also have written articles for other websites:

Article for Power to Change Students: “How I connect with God with learning disorders.”

My piece for the NVLD Project: “Rediscovering Myself After Being Re-Diagnosed” 

Post for a local church plant: “You Were Created Exactly How You Are Supposed to Be”

Video with Understood and The NVLD Project

I do have an email you can reach me at; abbyatulsblog@gmail.com

Take care and God Bless!


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6 thoughts on “About Abby

  1. Abby. Wow. What an incredible leap into social media. Watched 2 times and subscribed. I’m Kurt Weggler, 46, married for 14 awesome years to my wife Maria. I have NVLD but did not find out until I was 38 or 39. My mom died long ago, my dad is half crazy now and of no help. I hope we can talk and learn from each other. You’re a really heartfelt upbeat girl!


    1. I’ve had this blog for almost 2 years, I’ve just let things happen and waited for the right opportunities 🙂 I’m glad that my video and blog speaks to you!


      1. Thank you Abby for your reply. Do you have other YouTube videos than just the one I saw? Also, are you able to respond to Christian questions? What about non Christian questions. About NVLD or something….. Thanks,Kurt

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  2. Looking forward to hearing more from you! My 11 year old son has a similar diagnosis and I feel I have so much to learn about what strengths come packaged with the challenges because like you I believe God made us all with a specific purpose in mind. Thanks for your sincerity and vulnerability! God bless you and this new venture of yours 😍

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    1. Thank you Kate! God made us fearfully, wonderfully and beautifully made! I plan on making a video or two dedicated to parents with children who have LD’s! Also, thank you for being encouraging as I embark on this journey 🙂


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